The chance to exhibit your art - become a member with no registration and no fees. 

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Club.

A competition to exhibit your art both online and in real life, all for free. But why? It's all to celebrate Potteries Bottle Oven Day on 29th August 2020

Here's what you do


Create your new artwork which depicts and celebrates the Potteries Bottle Oven. Then simply share your work with your friends and on social media and mention that Potteries Bottle Oven Day occurs annually on 29th August.

Use the Twitter account @bottleovenart and add the hashtag #bottleovenart


Once you've shared your artwork send us a photograph of it, by email, to have a chance for it to appear in both a virtual and a real life exhibition.  > How to Enter

(submission deadline 8th August 2020)


There's no sign-up, no registration and no fees. We're keeping it simple!

The friendly open! Anyone can get involved - professional or amateur artists are welcome.

A panel of three judges will select their best fifty pieces from the submitted 2D artworks. They can be a painting, sketch, drawing, print, monoprint, textile, photograph, collage ... anything flat!

These will go on to feature in a specially created online exhibition launching on Potteries Bottle Oven Day, 29th August 2020.

If you are selected you will have the rather special recognition that yours is amongst the very best artwork chosen for the show.  

Then, when all the restrictions caused by COVID-19 have been lifted, the plan is to create a month-long real life public exhibition of all the selected entriesat Gladstone Pottery Museum, Longton. And you can, if you want to, sell your artwork there for an administration fee/commission.

Potteries Bottle Oven Day
Every August 29th
The date in 1978 
when a Potteries bottle oven
was kindled and fired 
for the last time

The Bottle Oven Art Club celebrates, in 2D art, the 50 bottle ovens and bottle kilns which remain in the City of Stoke-on-Trent. 47 of them stand complete with their bottle-shaped chimney and a further 3 are in a collapsed state. 

"It does not seem to be realised what beautiful things these bottle ovens were" Reginald G Haggar 1964

For more information about these iconic buildings, and perhaps for inspiration for your artwork, go to the Inspiration page or go to this website >